Our Customers

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and we are passionate about serving them. With over 60,000 current customers nationwide our employees are committed to the highest levels of integrity.

We understand that to build relationships of longstanding we need to understand every customer, their particular needs, and the products they will require at different stages of their lives. That's what we do best - giving our customers the credit they deserve.

Advantage Customer Testimonials

"Every time I have spoken to this company they have been incredibly helpful. Since getting my car my circumstances have changed twice and both times Clare has been nothing short of wonderful, explaining all my options and the implications of each. Thank you!"

"Since I had my accident at work, Rachael has helped and advised me on how to get my finances back on track with my car payments, the rating only allows you to give 5 stars, but if I could I would give her 10, she is a credit to Advantage Finance and I cannot thank her enough for all her help."

"Natalie was very helpful for arranging the loan, she is a cheerful and understanding person. I would not hesitate to recommend her and the company to my family and friends."

"A fantastic and understanding company when it came to dealing with my recent disability and the need for me to change vehicles. I found Advantage Finance to be helpful, understanding and very flexible. The customer service was exceptional and I would have no hesitation in dealing with or recommending them to anyone in the future."

"I have used Advantage Finance for the purchase of 2 of my cars. I had a problem with the second car and Advantage Finance were great with helping to rectify the problem with the dealer. I recommend this company, the customer service staff have always been polite, friendly and helpful."

Aspen Introducer Testimonial

"Aspen provided my client their usual A+ service and were professional and accommodating from the start. The only way we were going to complete the deal in the time scales available was to bring in a lender that really made an effort to understand the deal - Something which Aspen excels at.

My client is also a repeat customer of Aspen's and when coming to me on potential projects for funding has started to ask me "What can Aspen do on this?" rather than "What can the market do on this?". In today's very competitive bridging market I believe this is a testament to Aspen's client facing, friendly, no nonsense approach. This is what gets deals done!"