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We understand that to build relationships of longstanding we need to understand every customer, their particular needs, and the products they will require at different stages of their lives. That's what we do best - giving our customers the credit they deserve.

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S&U remains 'very optimistic' about UK's economic recovery from pandemic

S&U Plc (LON:SUS) boss Anthony Coombs talks to Proactive London's Katie Pilbeam on his optimism about the UK economy as it emerges from the pandemic.


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S&U says business is 'surprisingly robust' with demand still 'very strong'

S&U PLC's (LON:SUS) Anthony Coombs tells Proactive's Katie Pilbeam their business is 'surprisingly robust' with demand still 'very strong'.

Coombs says the current level of uncertainty is a real challenge, given that 'if people don't know how quickly we're going to come out of lockdown, people don't know how quickly there'll come off of furlough or what the unemployment implications will be'.


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Help avoid scam calls

The Company has been advised of a number of calls being made to shareholders which could be scams.
The Company asks shareholders who have suspicions about a call to please report it to the
FCA on 0800 1111 6768 or on the website

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